log home construction

Log Home Construction

log home construction
log home construction
log home construction

Building a log home can be for some people a life long ambition. We can help you realise this achievement by providing you with our experience and knowledge gained over the many different types of log building we have built in the past.
You may want to undertake some or all of the building yourselves, we can help with this by providing on site training, build drawings and consultation to build your own log home. If this seems to daunting then we have a range of build packages to suit each project. Building from logs needs careful planning and important knowledge about how this natural product can experience movement after construction, this can easily be over looked and lead to problems later on. Over the years we have developed methods of construction that use traditional and modern methods as well materials to ensure the log structure is weather tight and correctly fixed and protected.

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Logs can be very heavy, the dense nature of the logs makes it heavier than most timber and in most cases needs mechanically lifted into place, using the correct equipment makes this a safe and speedy method of construction and a log home can quickly be built to a weather proof stage and is not so governed by the weather like other methods of building. Logs are hygroscopic meaning they can absorb moisture and breathe it out naturally and adapt to the environment in which they are located, this natural ability of timber is a huge bonus during construction and throughout the life of the building.
Correct weather seals and coatings must be applied to allow this natural process to take place and we also use modern materials such as membranes which have been developed to allow the movement of air and moisture in the timber whilst enhancing the performance of the building to provide you with a building that is correctly built to last and be super insulated so it is cool in Summer and very warm in the Winter months.
We have built log buildings all over the UK including Scottish Islands and location and distance is no object to us.

log home construction
log home construction
log home construction
Remmers Coatings

All of Log Homes Finland's buildings are coated with Remmers wood protection products.

Why Remmers?

  • Remmers Coatings are synonymous with quality.
  • The high quality Remmers LW & GW translucent woodstain products enable us to offer full protection against (Soft Rot and Blue Stain Infestation).
  • We can also offer a broad colour scheme for the translucents and long maintenance periods for all our Log Buildings to our clients.
  • In addition, the colour ranges offered by Remmers is virtually limitless, with RAL Design, RAL Classic, BS4800, NCS or Natural Colour System and also able to colour match any solid colour.
  • All Remmers Coatings are manufactured in Germany to the highest European Standards.

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