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At Log Homes Finland we have a flexible way of designing and building log houses. The log house, log cabin or Mobile log home you have imagined can be built precisely according to your requirements. All aspects of the interiors of our log buildings can also be modified, which ensures that your house will be exactly as you imagined it.

Design services can be expensive so we can assist with low cost design services at the early stages which can be an adaptation of one of our existing designs or a completely new proposed design.

Log Homes Finland can provide you with a design and drawing service for your log home or building. Designs can be born out of a simple sketch in the early stages which can later be developed into detailed CAD drawings to adapt for planning approval and building regulation.

As well as design drawings the structure is certified by an engineer both in Finland and the UK to prove all the components and design will cope with snow and roof loadings as well as wind load against the structure specific to your location.

So having your log house or cabin designed by Log Homes Finland ensures a practical and cost effective way of designing and building a log building to enjoy.

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Services overview

Understanding Your Requirements

It always helps to understand exactly what you expect from your log building and what the design has to include. We would like to send you information and indicative prices based on your initial enquiry and discussion about what you are looking for. Once you have considered our initial proposal we can carry out a site visit and consultation to establish the correct design for the site. All free of charge.

Drafting the design

This can be a simple sketch plan initially which will enable us to provide an accurate quote and once you have considered and approved this we can move forward to detailed CAD drawings showing floor plan and elevations with an option to have a realistic 3d image of the design done also. The cost for this service is kept as low as possible and if you consequently order a building the cost of any design work is deducted from you deposit. Detail drawings are produced in less than three weeks.

Final proposal

After we have drafted up your scheme in consultation with you and you are really happy with the proposed design we will send you through the final stage 1 package, for your approval.

Designed to fit your Budget

floor plan for a log home
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Whatever your project we will always try to offer a design for your budget. If you have a limited budget yet still would like a basic log building, we will do our best to try and make your log building a reality.

Building a log house takes cooperation. Your preferences provide the foundation upon which your log building project begins to become a reality. We are happy to construct houses as they are presented in our brochure, but the possibilities for modification are endless. We can build your dream house entirely according to your specific wishes.

Exterior & Interior Design

Modern laminated log houses allow incredible feats of architecture due to the versatility of wood. If you live in rural surroundings or a modern urban setting, we have the expertise and experience to help you realise the log house that fits your style and location perfectly.

The interior of the house can be modified as much as you want. Enjoy fresh glaze painted walls, apply wallpaper and tiles, or paint the surfaces with suitable colours. By adding exterior and interior doors, windows, corners, porches and stairways, you can personalise and shape your house to your liking.