Environmental Choice

Wood buildings impact the environment far less than other materials. The renewable and recyclable material is harvested from Finnish forests through an ecological harvesting process. Whether your choice is a holiday house or log home, you can be sure it is ecological.

Healthy Living

The very best feature of a log house is breathability. A carefully built log house from Log Homes Finland balances the differences of indoor and outdoor temperature. The heat insulating and moisture controlling properties of the wood make the air in a log house easy to breathe and prevent the propagation of harmful microbes. Additionally, dust formation is limited due to a lack of static electricity in the atmosphere. Due to clean interior air, log houses are an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies. As a bonus, the strong wall structures minimise the need for heating.

A Renewable and Sustainable Natural Product

Reduce your carbon footprint.
build from wood.

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Ecological Choice

finnish pine forest
A renewable and sustainable natural product

Log Homes Finland log houses are genuine natural products. Wood construction has much less impact on the environment compared to other materials as its production utilises very little energy. Finland is one of the most forested countries in Europe, and has been committed to sustainable forest management for several generations. Renewable construction materials are obtained ecologically from the well-cared Finnish forests. Our production processes use materials as efficiently as possible and the resulting by-products are also used so there is no waste.

Reduce your carbon footprint - build from wood

Wood has the unique ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it during its whole lifespan. Choosing wood as the building material of your house reduces carbon dioxide in the air and significantly counteracts global warming. Wood binds carbon dioxide; other materials produce it. Wood is the most ecological building material whose durability has been tested already during its growth in the Finnish forests in the harsh conditions of storms, rain, drought and extreme temperatures.

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Built to Last

Log houses last for generations – the oldest log houses in Finland, still in residential use today, are already hundreds of years old.

The Life of Wood

Wood is a breathing material that easily adjusts to different environmental conditions. This is what makes wood an excellent construction material for various environments, ranging from alpine terrains to dry wildernesses and humid areas. Log walls balance the humidity and temperature of indoor air according to the weather variations. When it’s cold outside, the log construction retains warmth and keeps the indoor temperature stable and in the heat of the summer the massive log walls keeps indoor s cool for easy living and breathing. Wood is an ecological natural material that creates a special atmosphere for different premises. This is why log buildings have been constructed in Scandinavia for hundreds of years.

All Log Homes Finland log cabins are made of logs from sustainable forests in Finland, from inside the Arctic Circle. Sourcing wood this far north means the logs are much stronger and of much higher quality than timber grown in the UK. The cold, dry climate of Finland forces the trees to grow slowly making the timber from which the logs are cut, very dense and hard wearing – perfect for a log home that will last many generations.