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A log home can provide the perfect solution for your accommodation requirements where ever you live in the UK. Choosing laminated log provides a sturdy and durable external wall with the ability to cope with all weather extremes whether it is damp, windy, dry and hot or all the extremes we experience here in the UK.

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Laminated Logs

The laminated logs are made from selected pine and spruce trees that feature a straight trunk and have developed a dense fibre structure while growing slowly in the cool climate. The logs are split and joined together in such a way that the heartwood is at the surface. This is why houses constructed from laminated logs last a very long time and experience very little settling due to the density and precise nature of manufacture and quality raw material used to manufacture the log.

log home construction

When you combine this with the use of modern external coatings we use you will have a structure designed to cope with all the elements and maintenance is kept to a minimum. We can use laminated log for all of our building designs so if you are looking for a mobile log home, log house, holiday log home, hot tub or pool building, home office or any type of building Log Homes Finland are the people to talk to.

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