Mobile Log Homes

Log Homes Finland design, supply and build mobile or transportable log cabins using the same high quality laminated log used to construct our permanent log homes. These types of building have provided an ideal solution for many customers looking for a home that will comply to the standards of a mobile home for planning purposes.

mobile log cabin - log house

A mobile log cabin could be the perfect solution for your home, holiday cabin or leisure building. We have designed our mobile log cabins using the same quality Finnish logs as used in our log houses, in fact a mobile log cabin could be viewed as a true log home with all the walls internally and externally made from Finnish laminated log. A natural and breathable solid construction. We are a UK based company with many years experience of log home design, supply and construction which has taken us to all corners of the UK building mobile log cabins and log houses to live in and others uses such as cafes, restaurants, leisure and entertainment. Using a combination of traditional and modern materials our log buildings represent quality and value for money delivered by an experienced company who take pride in their work.

Mobile Log Home Timber Kits

Mobile Log Home Building Regulations

As mobile log homes do not need building regulation approval the process of building a home is less complicated and the overall cost is lower. Our log home kits are sourced direct from Finland using the finest slow grown timber for manufacture and our design developments are also focused around good levels of insulation and quality timber double glazed windows and doors as well as the finest quality finishes including external coatings designed to last and enhance the natural beauty of our log buildings.

Choosing us to supply your mobile log home means you will receive a personal service from Darryl, the owner of the company, who will help to alter any existing designs to ensure they suitable to your needs and location as well as overseeing and taking part in the build to ensure the high standards we are proud of are maintained throughout.
You can choose from lots of options available such as log sizes from 88mm through many other sizes up to 270mm, roof finishes and colours, external and internal colours, wet rooms, floor finishes, door sizes and styles, window sizes and styles and many others choices which are available as part of our bespoke service.
We use one of the most efficient factories in Finland using state of the art production technology to produce quality homes that are also affordable so if you are looking for one home or a larger development we can help with your project large or small.

Mobile Log Home Example Plan Downloads

Below is a small selection of mobile home layouts all of which we can modify to suit your requirements or provide a bespoke design solution Indicative prices for these models in two log sizes fully constructed as follows -

All designs are priced as 95mm and 135mm laminated log walls, steel roof and high spec insulation to floor and roof plus factory finished high specification double glazed doors and windows.

Prices include base system and construction with painting, please feel free to contact us for detailed specification and information on options and the services we provide.

Delivery of kit to site from Finland to mainland U.K from £2,800, exact cost quoted by postcode location.

Pricing Examples

  • Calder - £67,000 95mm log £80,000 135mm log
  • Derwent - £60,000 95mm log £72,000 135mm log
  • Eden - £74,000 95mm log £88,800 135mm log
  • Esk - £57,000 95mm log £68,400 135mm log
  • Etterick - £76,000 95mm log £91,200 135mm log
  • Ness - £46,000 95mm log £55,200 135mm log
  • Tay - £51,000 95mm log £61,200 135mm log
  • Teviot £57,000 95mm log £68,400 135mm log
  • Tweed - £47,000 95mm log £56,400 135mm log